Best Zombie Games For PC and Android

Best Zombie Games

Video games are one of the best source of entertainment in modern life. Zombie based games are one of them. Remember slow, virus-infected, mutated and roaring zombies running towards you. It’s actually fun to play those best zombie games.

There are many innovative mutant games based on action, adventure, shooting, classical etc. After playing lots of zombie games of different categories, here we are presenting this post of best zombie games for PC and Android.

#1 Prince Of Persia Warrior Within

Prince Of Persia Warrior Within

The first entrant in this list of best zombie games is Prince of Persia WW. This game is full of zombies, swords, time travel, mysterious ladies and terrific bastard Dhaka. POP WW is the second part of Prince of Persia Sands of time series, launched back in 2004.

As we know old is gold, this classic action game is just epic. The story revolves around Prince who travels to Island of time in order to escape from time guard Dhaka. Where he fights thousands of zombies and finally himself becomes a dark zombie to kill his enemy Dhaka. Along with zombies, the game becomes extra spicy by the power of sands of time.

Officially it is available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation Portable, GameCube, and iOS. But you can also play it on android devices using PPSSPP emulator. If you had not played it till now, you can easily go for this cold and cruel zombie game.

#2 Resident Evil 4,5 and 6

Resident Evil 5

Tired of swords, daggers, and hammers? Why not try this action packed zombie game by Capcom with tons of guns. Resident Evil is third person shooting game based on mutants. RE4 and RE5 are one of the best game in whole resident evil (biohazard) series.

Resident Evil 4 revolves around a spy whose job is to save president’s daughter from mutant zombies. The whole population of Island is infected by a virus and you have to escape through it. It is the perfect combination of horror and action with ground breaking music.

Resident Evil 5 revolves around two army officers who try to solve the mystery of deadly virus. It has all features of resident evil 4 but graphics are much better in this part.

Both RE4 (released 2009) and RE5 (released 2005) are available on PC, Playstaion, and other major consoles. You can play resident evil 4 in android but sadly there is no version of resident evil 5 for Android. After completing these two, you can also try resident evil 6 and 7.


#3 Plants vs Zombies 1&2

Plants VS Zombies

Want to play with zombies but can’t digest much action? You must try this addicting game. Once start playing, you are not going to leave until finish it. Plants Vs zombies is strategy based game. You have to grow your plant heroes to face subsequent waves of zombies.

You can enjoy it either on your smartphone or big desktop screen.

#4 Left For Dead 2

Left For Dead 2

Left for dead 2 is first person shooter game released in 2009. The storyline revolves around four survivors fighting against hordes of zombies. This game is full of cool weapons and infected mutant zombies. It is the sequel of left for dead but bigger and better.

If you are in search of resident evil series alternative, you must try left for dead 2. It is available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Linux operating systems.


# 5 Stupid Zombies 1,2 & 3

Stupid Zombies 3

Stupid zombie is another 2D shooting game for android devices. You have to shoot out all zombies using limited ammo. At first sight, it may seem boring and little bit old school style but you will enjoy once start playing. You can try any of its three sequels.

If you want to play it on PC, try Bluestacks 3 android emulator.

Final Words:- Best Zombie Games

So these are some best zombie games of all time. Now, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy your favorite game. You can also read about hidden smartphone sensors that make it really smart. Comment below if you want to add any other zombie game in this post.


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