Hidden Smartphone Sensors That Make It Really Smart

Hidden Smartphone Sensors

Today smartphone is like a minicomputer which can do almost everything. It provides an alternative to television, laptop, gaming consoles, music players and much more. We can proudly say that now our smartphone is really a smart guy. Do you know there are many sensors hidden inside your phone to improve your experience? This is the first post of our TrickSumo blog. Here we will tell you about some interesting hidden smartphone sensors.

Hidden Smartphone Sensors

#1 Proximity Sensor

While on call you may have noticed that when phone brought near ears, it automatically get locked. This is done by the proximity sensor to prevent unwanted touch. It is fixed near front camera. This sensor is very important because it saves battery by turning off the display. It helps display to work properly while calling. However, this sensor finds no application in loudspeaker mode.

#2 Ambient Light Sensor

Nowadays almost all branded smartphone offer the feature to automatically adjust brightness of the display. Ambient light sensor help to adjust screen glare according to darkness or brightness of surrounding. This sensor plays a key role in protecting eyesight especially while reading eBooks. It starts working when you enable reading mode from settings.

#3 Accelerometer

An accelerometer detects the horizontal or vertical orientation of your smartphone. This small equipment is built in circuit and works when auto screen rotate mode is on. It adjusts the orientation of screen according to orientation of your phone. Accelerometer can also detect shaking of the phone for specific tasks like closing all apps or switching music. Its axis base detection feature helps to count steps for health apps without any external device.

#4 Gyroscope

Gyroscope works as a support sensor for an accelerometer. Instead of orientation or shaking, it detects the tilt of phone. It becomes very useful while playing motion sensing games like racing or shooting games. Gyroscope sensor is also must for watching or making 360 degree video.

#5 GPS sensor

Global Positioning System (GPS) Sensor integrates with satellite to locate your smartphone. A strong GPS sensor in the smartphone is becoming very important with the development of virtual reality games like Pokémon Go.


#6 Magnetometer Sensor

Magnetometer is a magnetic sensor which combines with accelerometer and GPS sensor to provide an accurate position in the map. It helps compass app to find accurate direction for navigation purpose.

#7 Barometer And Thermometer Sensor

Barometer measures atmospheric pressure which is used to determine altitude from sea level. This contributes to the accuracy of GPS sensors.

As the name suggests, thermometer sensor detects temperature of device and battery. It prevents damage of processor and thus secures your smartphone.

#8 Fingerprint Sensors

Fingerprint sensor is used to unlock a smartphone by unique fingerprints. It does not only help to get rid of confusing patterns but adds an extra layer of security. Nowadays it is becoming a very necessary factor in the smartphone.

#9 Human Brains

Of course, without this sensor, all other sensors are just useless. This sensor determines whether you are going to use a device in the constructive or destructive way.

Except for these hidden smartphone sensors, a smartphone is made up of many other sensors like humidity sensor, heart rate monitor, and pedometer etc. These sensors help smartphone to adjust according to customers and improve the user experience.

Want to add any important sensor in this post? According to you which is most interesting hidden smartphone sensor? How much was this post helpful? Please share your thoughts in comments and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.



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