[SOLVED] UPI Transaction Failed But Money Deducted From Account

[SOLVED] UPI Transaction Failed But Money Deducted From Account

Right now in 2018, UPI is most easy and convenient method of payment in India. Though it is secure and all in one payment gateway but sometimes it causes headache. These days it is common trouble that UPI transaction failed but money deducted from account. Today we are going to share how to solve failed UPI but money deducted problem.

Apps are offering attractive cashback on UPI transactions that’s why popularity is increasing. But transaction failure is common issue even in best UPI apps. That’s why you must know what to do in case of failed UPI transactions.

Solution UPI Transaction Failed But Money Deducted From Account

UPI transaction failure is itself not a big issue because you can re-initiate your transaction. Instead condition becomes more painful when transaction fails and money get deducted from bank account. In this case you should follow below three steps.

#1 Wait And Watch !

Sounds weird? Well its true. Auto-reconciliation mechanism of modern banks automatically return excess debit without a corresponding credit. Hence it would be best option to wait at least 3-4 hours and allow banks to restore your money. Just relax and do your work without any tension.

Passed hours still money not refunded? Then you must roll on to next step.

#2 Contact Your Bank

Best option for any kind of transaction issue is to contact your bank, so same with this case. Do’t worry, there is no need to visit bank for this. You can do it in three steps:-

  • First of all, visit official site of your bank and note there contact number.
  • Call them, enjoy pre-recorded bla bla bla! Then choose option to talk to customer care representative.
  • They will ask date and time when UPI transaction failed etc. Explain them issue and they will register your complain.

Now bank officials will check your UPI transaction details and refund extra debited money. Generally, all complains are resolved within one week, so wait patiently.

#3 Contact UPI App Support Team

Honestly, this does not helps much but sometimes it solves issue much faster. What you have to do is go to help section of UPI app and message about issue. Don’t forget to mention UPI transaction number. Explain your problem with complete details and they will get in touch with you.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best UPI Apps

Google Tez transaction failed but amount debited?

Tez is one of my favorite UPI payment app because of cool scratch cards. Though chances of UPI failure are less but if something wrong happens, you can get help. To create support ticket in Tez app, open Tez UPI app and navigate to Settings >> Help & Feedback >> Contact.

Tez customer care number => You can directly chat with customer care by selecting Phone option in contact us section.

Google Tez also have its own tez support forum to resolve general issues.

Problem with UPI transaction on Phonepe app?

Create support ticket in PhonePe app by navigating to My Account >> Help >> issue with the transaction.

Alternatively, you can shoot a mail at support@phonepe.com with your UPI transaction details.

Paytm transaction failed but money deducted from account?

Select 24×7 help option from left menu bar. Choose your problem type and inform them about failed UPI transaction issue.

Problem with your bank UPI app?

You can visit UPI page of your respective bank or call customer care. Here are some helpful links hdfc upi, citibank upi, axis upi.

Other helpful links.

Problem still not resolved? Here is something really helpful for you, read what expert says about failed UPI at Quora. You must also read how to get refund for failed UPI.

Hope It Help !

So these are things you can do to get refund for failed UPI transaction. Hope it help you to solve problem, UPI transaction failed but money deducted from bank.

It is my personal opinion that you must keep patience while solving such issues. So keep smiling and enjoy tension free life till bank resolves issue. Or leave a comment below and I will try to help you.


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